Control Evidence Collection, Analytics and Remediation

Overlay results and analytics to drive prioritization

  • User Surveys – Use surveys to attribute weights and values for assets
  • Services Lift – What assets already have rules attached and what additional work must be done
  • Asset Risk Scoring – to be used for RBAC and for Vulnerability Prioritization
  • Track Ownership – assign and track ownership, potentially with tie in to Active Directory to notify on orphaned assets
  • Record Location and dependencies – Understand the exposure

  • Create & Enforce Policy – Role Based Access Control (RBAC)
  • Usage / Sign-in Analysis – Investigate actual access (termination controls)
  • Least Privilege – Use actual usage data to remove unused access or users
  • Escalation Management – Request, grant, and record access
  • Users & Systems – Who has access to what and why
  • Insider Threat – Detect unusual access or based on triggers (termination)

  • Coverage – Syndicate multiple scanners
  • Supercharge Scanners – Correlation & Coordination
  • Context, Context, Context – What asset and Who has access
  • Scheduling / Planning – include in broader assessments and schedule centrally
  • Prioritization – Bring other variables and weights to bear for prioritization

Contextual Automation

Flexible Rules Engine Anyone Can Use

Unlike other tools that offer limited automation capabilities, ComplianceCow was designed and built with a systems-first perspective, providing contextual automation that meets your specific business needs. Our product features a custom rules engine that can be tailored to your unique infrastructure, ensuring organized and scalable automation that can be used by coders and non coders alike, with high- to no-code authoring tools available.


Guided Chat Workflows

Manually collecting evidence from people across your organization can feel like herding cats. With ComplianceCow, this challenge becomes a thing of the past. We utilize authentic ChatOps to streamline the data collection process. Our guided workflows are deployed directly in your Slack or Teams channels, eliminating the need for countless emails and simplifying communication. With conversations happening where your teams work, response rates increase and response times decrease while simultaneously reducing the friction and frustration between teams.

Increase Agility
Empower Leaders

Continuous Control Monitoring

100% Control Coverage – The Single Source of Truth

ComplianceCow is the only product on the market that provides Continuous Controls Monitoring for 100% of your controls. Our solution was designed with customer input from some of the most tech-forward public companies. By combining automation and ChatOps in one system, ComplianceCow becomes the single source of truth for your security and compliance needs.

Security and risk

Compliance vs. Governance – Shifting GRC Left

Compliance is often seen as an externally driven requirement to demonstrate adherence to controls and policies. However, the true purpose and intention of compliance is to achieve your desired level of security and risk. ComplianceCow empowers you to achieve your security goals and make governance actionable. With Continuous Controls Monitoring and comprehensive coverage, governance and remediation become the focus, with compliance an easy afterthought. It is necessary to do the right things but it must also be demonstrable to the outside world.

Empower Leaders

Enterprise Risk Management, Moving at DevOps Speed.