Wiz Integration

ComplianceCow is the industry’s first Security GRC middleware. We empower enterprise Security and GRC teams not only to check the boxes for Compliance faster but also to significantly accelerate automating security controls and meeting last-mile users on Slack, Teams or Webex for Continuous Controls Management.

Wiz is a leader in Cloud Security Management and Remediation helping Security Engineering and Operations teams to find and remediate gaps.

Wiz Advantage

  • Agentless scanning
  • Graph Visualization
  • Comprehensive analysis engine for 
    • Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM)
    • Kubernetes Security Posture Management (KSPM)
    • Cloud Workload Protection (CWPP) + vulnerability management
    • Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) scanning
    • Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM)
    • Data security posture management (DSPM)

ComplianceCow GRC Advantage

Contextual automation specific to your organization and business with our custom rules engine that can be

  • tailored to your unique infrastructure, industry and compliance adherance requirements
  • customizable by coders and non coders alike, with high- to no-code authoring tools available.
  • Supports automated evidence collection
  •  Visual gap analysis with HeatMaps, Box plots and Time Series analysis
  •  Compliance Scoring and Ticketing
  • Simplified workflow for review & approval through
    • Emails
    • Jira
    • Slack or
    • Teams 
  • Sandbox Testing
  • Auto Remediation

Synergy benefits to our customers

  • Leverage Wiz’s security findings, extend it to GRC by establish a cross-matrix with industry specific compliance controls for NIST CSF and CIS in a meaningful way
  • Contextualize security findings from Wiz for GRC with customizable ComplianceCow’s security graphs and  high to no-code authoring tools.

  • Seamlessly integrate coordination efforts of security and compliance teams to fasten remediation

Note of Caution to the Customers

Customers are advised to limit running the Wiz assessment to once a week to ensure optimal performance and reliability. Please contact support@compliancecow.com for further questions